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Intermec Handheld Barcode Scanners Improve Business at Arthur Schuman Inc.

Barcode InventoryArthur Schuman Inc. is now the largest importer of Italian-style hard cheese, thanks to the help of automated data capture. Back in 2000, Arthur Schuman was still managing a large amount of inventory, but was still using paper-based systems for inventory tracking and management. They were using a legacy inventory management that had no data collection or inventory tracking functions, making it extremely difficult for workers to locate and process specific cheeses for order fulfillment. This lack of automation and real-time data made it difficult to track perishable products and created order-processing problems. In addition, since there was no data automation, each cheese was simply labeled with abbreviations of the type of cheese, demanding a lot of knowledge from warehouse personnel.

After much frustration, Arthur Schuman Inc. decided they needed a completely new, integrated system. After much searching, they decided to implement Intermec handheld barcode scanners with an accompanying inventory management system that provided automated data collection, order fulfillment modules, and many picking/receiving enhancements.

With their new system, Arthur Schuman was immediately to see measurable results in multiple areas of their business. Warehouse personnel became equipped with the Intermec handheld barcode scanners, allowing them to link to the whole enterprise via a barcode interface. The barcoding system included standardized label formats, making training quick and easy. Before the system, workers would be on a constant hunt for the proper type of cheese, but now orders were being transmitted directly to the handheld devices, providing them with a precise zone and bin location of the cheese needed. Orders that once took up to six hours to pick and pack now only take one thanks to automated data collection using Intermec handheld barcode scanners.

By automating their process, warehouse personnel were able to save time, and energy, and simply had to scan the bin, rather than interpreting product labels. This improved all aspects of Arthur Schuman Inc., slashing their per pound picked cost by 30%, doubling inventory turns, and reducing errors in every facet of the business.

Going from a paper-based system to using an automated data capture system with Intermec handheld barcode scanners truly helped Arthur Schuman Inc. become more efficient, allowing them to take the lead in the cheese importing industry. If you would like to find out more about what automated data capture can do for your company, please contact our sponsor.

Barcode Scanner Keyboard Wedge

I’ve received a few questions recently about at-home barcode solutions and how to send information from a barcode scanner to an Excel database on a home computer.  For instance, here’s one…

I do not seem to grasp how a bar code reader will scan the bar code label and send it back to Excel. Do you know about this?

This is actually quite simple and all it requires is a keyboard wedge.  I thought it’d be good to go over what a keyboard wedge is, how it works and what it can do for you.

Keyboard wedges can be either hardware or software wedges.  A hardware keyboard wedge is a device that “wedges” between the keyboard and computer unit and helps translate data read by another device into keyboard data.  When you use a keyboard wedge with a barcode scanner, it will convert all barcode characters to keyboard key strokes and send it to the database in use.  The computer actually thinks that any data scanned is being typed in on the keyboard.

A software keyboard wedge offers the same benefits, but in a different way.  A software keyboard wedge connects directly to the COM port and not to the keyboard.  Data from the barcode scanner is sent to the COM port and is rerouted to the keyboard buffer.  Once again, the computer believes the information is coming directly from the keyboard.

Many barcode scanners, like the Intermec SR60 pictured above, come equipped with multiple interface options including a keyboard wedge.  The keyboard wedge is a low-cost answer for those wishing to implement a simple barcode solution and it’s also perfect for in-home use with PC’s.  For more complicated barcode solutions it’s always a good idea to talk to a systems integrator.  If you have any questions about hardware, software or pricing, you can use the tab at the top of the page to contact a systems integrator who sponsors barcode.com.