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PaySaber Mobile Payment Debuts at CES

As mobility continues to affect the way we live, work and play as consumers, it’s no surprise that retailers and other businesses are going mobile. As is evident with the exhibitions at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

One notable exhibit was PaySaber, a secure, mobile credit card solution for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Best of all, they offer different solutions depending on the size of your company.

For example, if you’re a small, on-the-go company, such as a food truck, you may be interested in the PaySaber Clip, similar to the more commonly known Square.

For larger businesses, there’s PaySaber POS, which includes a barcode scanner, thermal printer and encrypted card reader all in a light-weight, mobile point of sale (POS) system. In addition to simply taking payments, it’s easy to manage inventory, conduct returns and print receipts or invoices. Businesses will also be able to access real-time reporting and product, inventory and customer databases and more. From there, reports can be made in commonly used programs such as Excel and QuickBooks.

It’s interesting to watch how mobility has and will continue to affect POS solutions. Now, how long will it be until we can all just pay through our cell phones–no credit card needed!

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Industry Night: Retail & Mobile POS

As mobility becomes a priority, the retail industry is changing the way they do POS

During my most recent trip to the mall, I was asked if I wanted my receipt printed or emailed to me. “E-mailed to me,” I said, as the girl behind the register handed me an iPod touch and asked me to sign. I used my finger to sign, right on the screen of the device. Intrigued, I thought, is this the future of retail?

The answer is yes. More and more retailers are trading in traditional POS solutions to use an iOS device. To help retailers with their search, Software Advice put together a top ten of their favorite iOS POS applications.

In addition to these apps, retailers also have the option of using browser-based POS software, which can be used on the iPad and for retailers that only need to process credit cards, external attachments, such as Square, are also an option and are fully functional on all iOS devices.

As mobility continues to be a driving force in retail, and everything we do, it will be interesting to see which retailers make the switch from traditional POS systems to a mobile one, and when. Share your thoughts on mobility in the retail industry by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.

POS Solutions with an iPad?

I recently came across an interesting solution that allows an iPad to be integrated to a store’s POS by simply using an RFID tag, software from Global Bay, a credit card, RFID receiver and RFID antenna, and of course, an iPad. The particular video(below) that I saw used the Zebra RW 220 in order to print customer receipts.

With this solution, retail stores could offer loyalty cards for, let’s say, the top 10% of their customers. The loyalty card would be embedded with an RFID chip, and upon the customers’ entrance to the store, the store clerk would be alerted on the iPad.

Instantly, information about the customer can be automatically retreived, including all of their past purchases. This creates countless opportunities for enhanced buyer experience. With the wardrobing tool that comes with the software, store clerks would be able to assemble outfits with previously purchased items in conjunction with in-store items in order to create a shopping cart, or even a wish-list that integrates with an e-commerce site for later purchases. Should a product be out of stock, there’s even a product locater feature.

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