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Check-in/Check-out Inventory Solutions

In today’s chaotic world of business, companies need a reliable way to manage their inventory that has been taken and returned throughout their locations. Without proper tracking, business can experience missing inventory, in addition to inaccurate inventory counts.

Using a check-in/check-out inventory control application, in conjunction with the proper hardware, allows organizations to gain more visibility into their inventory. In order to implement this, organizations will typically upload their information into the inventory software application and use tamper-proof barcode labels for each item that will be checked in and or out. When an item is taken from the inventory, a record is automatically created.

Typically, check-in/check-out solutions are used in applications such as offices, hospitals, repair shops, schools, emergency services and military units and are becoming more and more popular. In fact, the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA), recently named Check-in/Check-out Inventory solutions their Solution of the Month for February 2010.

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Automated Material Handling: Does Your Company Need It?

ForkliftIf you’re company is still using a paper-based system for inventory tracking purposes, then you could be missing out on working most efficiently. Since paper-based systems leave large margins for error, it’s common to have inaccurate data, which could ultimately result in negative customer feedback depending on the inventory situation.

Over the past decade, companies have been switching from paper-based systems to automated ones. While this is a huge change for the company and all of its workers, automated systems have always proven to be an excellent ROI and a much more efficient, accurate way to work.

Since automated material handling minimizes manual intervention, companies often find fewer errors, increased productivity, and reduced overall costs. Automated material handling also minimizes the amount of heavy lifting performed by workers, keeping workers happy and allowing materials to move at a faster speed. With the increased popularity of just-in-time delivery, automated material handling is crucial to the survival of the business. In addition, making the switch from a paper-based system to an automated on requires a lot of documenting of the manufacturing process; perfect for earning an ISO certification.

While switching to an entirely new, automated system may seem like a drastic change, it is necessary in order to thrive in today’s market. If your company is still using a paper-based system, I would definitely recommend upgrading to automated material handling in order to keep workers happy, cut costs, and become more efficient as a whole.

If you would like more information on how your company can start integrating automated material handling, then find a solution for you.