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5 Key Benefits of Network Printing

Networking barcode label printers within your facility can offer many great advantages, after doing some research  I have come up with a list of the top five advantages that most companies find when networking their printers:

  1. They are able to reduce capital and maintenance costs by removing redundant equipment from their network.
  2. They simplify and accelerate label printing by providing a high-speed connection between the printer and the host database, and by allowing printing across a LAN, WAN, or intranet.
  3. They minimize downtime by providing alert messaging, which notifies administrators of problems while printing is under way.
  4. They can simplify the process of adding printers to the network by enabling non-IT users to interact directly with a printer via its front panel display.
  5. And they also use web page hosting of forms that are accessed by anyone on the network via a standard Web browser.