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ERP Software Options for Small Manufacturing Businesses

Finding the right ERP software for your company is always a challenge, but if you’re a small manufacturing business, seeing a large ROI is crucial. Learn about different ERP software options from guest blogger Derek Singleton.

Small manufacturing businesses are constantly looking for a way to remain competitive in this global economy. For years, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has been an effective means for manufacturing companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Until recently, ERP software has been out of the price range of small manufacturing businesses. Even though ERP software is now more affordable today than ever before, many manufacturing businesses still operate on spreadsheet and enter all of their data manually. For those that are ready to get off of spreadsheets, I’ve put together a shortlist a affordable solutions that should make the shortlist for first time buyers.

First, let’s take a look at the functionality that each vendor brings to the table.

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WMS & ERP All-in-one!

wmsImplementing a WMS (Warehouse Management System) in conjunction with an automated data collection system increases accuracy, reduces labor and reduces cycle time, so it’s important to choose one that you can rely on.

In conjunction with a WMS, it is common for companies to use an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) in order to better manage all of the information, functions and shared data within the company.

Sometimes, it’s possible to find a solution that integrates a WMS and ERP. One such solution is from PhyleTec, which combines a WMS and ERP in order to help distributors and manufacturers better manage their warehouse. PhyleTec is easy to use and works well with RFID-based scanning devices, ensuring that every time inventory moves, data is updated in real time in order to keep everyone informed.

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