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Honeywell Dolphin 60s Scanphone

Honeywell recently announced its latest scanphone, the Dolphin 60s. Blending capabilities of a consumer smart phone and rugged enterprise mobile computer, the Honeywell Dolphin 60s is ideal for workers in retail, field service and direct store delivery.

In addition to providing quick and reliable access to critical data, the Dolphin 60s is a cost-effective solution that is rugged enough to withstand 4-foot drops and over 800 tumbles.

In addition to all of the amazing functionality of a consumer smart phone, the Dolphin 60s Scanphone integrates 1D and 2D barcode scanning technology with multiple data options. Best of all, the scanphone’s extended battery can last through the typical work day. The Dolphin 60s incorporates phone and data communication capabilities through Wi-Fi or 3G WWAN connectivity and users can easily make use of its Bluetooth and GPS technologies. The Honeywell Dolphin 60s Scanphone:

  • Features a lightweight and pocket-sized
  • Offers increased durability
  • Incorporates integrated GSM/GPRS cellular, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS technologies, allowing real-time wireless communications
  • Provides an integrated 1D and 2D scan engine
  • Has a 5MP color camera and a 2.8 inch color display
  • Is ready for Honeywell’s signature device management solution, Remote MasterMind

“The Dolphin 60s provides a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to upgrade from the paper and clipboard by automating their inventory management and data collection. Honeywell designed this scanphone as an entry-level mobile solution to meet the needs of retail, field service, field sales and DSD operations of all sizes,” said Taylor Smith, director of product marketing, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility.

Learn more about the Honeywell Dolphin 60s Scanphone.
honeywell dolphin 60s scanphone

Scanphone: The Perfect Combination of Devices for your Mobile Workforce

Debating between a consumer-grade mobile phone, or an enterprise-grade mobile device? Honeywell offers the ideal hybrid solution for any mobile workforce.

Dolphin 6000 ScanphoneWhile some businesses are switching from traditional enterprise mobile computers to customized Android mobile phones, others are looking to hybrid solutions.

Enterprise-class businesses with a mobile workforce require a special combination of devices from smartphones, to VoIP phones, to two-way radios, to laptops and tablets, and they need to be equipped with GPS and barcode scanners. Asking a mobile worker to carry so many devices is cumbersome, inefficient and costly, so what’s an enterprise business to do?

I present the Honeywell Dolphin® 6000 Scanphone—a devices that combines all of these functionalities into one, easy-to-use form factor. In addition, the Dolphin 6000 features:

  • Ultra-lightweight compact design
  • Durable construction—IP54-rated
  • Real-time wireless communication
  • Versatile data collection
  • 2.8” color display
  • Optimized Voice Technology

The Dolphin 6000 is also Remote MasterMind® ready, providing a turnkey remote device management solution to easily manage and track the usage of installed devices, as well as Service Made Simple™ service plans, offering device protection for up to three years.

For smaller businesses, I think consumer-grade devices such as those on the Android OS will suffice, but for larger enterprise businesses, the Dolphin 6000 provides an affordable solution with all the ease-of-use of consumer-grade devices with all the functionalities of enterprise-grade devices.

Learn more about Honeywell and their products, or contact us about the Dolphin 6000.