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Manual Data Eliminated for Canton Port Services

Canton Port Services

Barcoding, Inc. recently helped Canton Port Services, LLC, implement a custom barcode scanning solution that removes the need for manual processes in receiving, load out and customs clearing options. Canton Port Services is a private terminal in Baltimore’s Harbor that offers a wide array of services, including handling, storing and rail loading/unloading, and turned to Barcoding, Inc. for their expertise in becoming more efficient, accurate and connected.

Canton Port Services needed a solution that would eliminate manual data entry in receiving and load-out processes, which would save time and prevent errors. Barcoding implemented a barcode scanning system involving mobile computers, printers, barcode labels and a custom web application developed with Barcoding’s proprietary CaptureSoft Xpress™ platform. Barcoding integrated the software with Canton Port Services’ partner’s booking system in order to update inventory in real time as vehicles are scanned.

Barrcoding’s solution allowed Canton Port Services to:

  • Increase data accuracy and integrity in its receiving, load out, and customs clearing processes.
  • Decrease receiving time per unit from 10 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Reduce risks associated with innacuracies in customs clearing
  • Strengthen their relationship with partner cargo line company

“Barcoding and its team were able to deliver a complete solution that did just that. From its customized software application, to the integration with our partner’s system, to hardware procurement, Barcoding was a great partner in helping us gain new efficiencies and accuracies,” said Rex Wheeler, president, Canton Port Services, LLC.

Shane Snyder, president, Barcoding, Inc., stated, “Eliminating manual data entry in day-to-day operations is a quick, yet viable way for companies to realize additional areas of cost savings through greater efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity. While barcode scanning is just one solution for automating data capture, Canton Port Services demonstrated the technology’s effectiveness and has experienced some significant results. We are looking forward to continue working with Canton Port Services to uncover even more ways that mobile data capture technology can assist in its overall business.”

Learn more about the Canton Port Services barcoding solution by reading the full case study.

Datamax-O’Neil Acquired Source Technologies

Did you know Datamax- O’Neil recently acquired Source Technologies? With the acquisition, Datamax-O’Neil gained a new line of state-of-the-art thermal printers—the ST Performance Series printers.

The ST Performance series printers were designed to use PCL5e, a standard printer language in the industry that prevents integration difficulties often found with proprietary languages. In addition, the printers use an advanced interface with full-color touchscreen user displays, front panel print quality adjustments, auto media calibration and loading, and ribbon tensioning controls. Best of all, the printers are easy to use, reliable and affordable.

Learn more about the printers.

Intermec’s Latest Printers: PC43d & PC43t

Intermec recently announced their latest barcode printers—the PC43d and PC43t desktop printers.

The PC43d is a 4-inch direct thermal printer, ideal for those in the transportation industry, designed for easy use at customer sites and for shipping labels.

The PC43t is a 4-inch thermal transfer printer and is ideal for those in the manufacturing industry, optimized for fast printing of work in process and shipping labels.

Both printers are easy to use, feature a color lcd, connectivity options, one-handed media loading and user-installable accessories.

Learn more about Intermec’s latest super printers.

Zebra Xi4 Printers to Replace XiIIIPlus Series

Zebra recently announced that its XiIIIPlus Series will be replaced by the Xi4 high-performance printer line. Zebra XiIIIPlus printers will stop shipping in may, but service, parts and support will be available through July 2015.

The Xi4 series are available in four print widths (110, 140, 170 and 220) and three resolutions (200, 300, and 600dpi) with multiple media handling options. The Xi series is engineered to endure harsh industrial environments and is ideal for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive Industry
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Heavy industry
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

Check out the video below for a sneak peak of the Xi4:

Read more

Datamax-O’Neil Desktop Barcode Printers

datamax oneil e-class mark IIDatamax O’Neil’s E-Class printers, called the E-Class Mark II, are entry-level desktop barcode printers that offer substantial quality, performance and reliability. E-Class Mark II printers offer:

  • Fastest label generation and print speed of any printer in its class
  • Internal and wireless Ethernet options
  • Advanced media sensing and handling results
  • 5-inch roll diameter

For an entry-level barcode printer, the E-Class Mark II is ideal for a variety of different industries that rely on networking technology such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing. That being said, the printers are also very versatile, being able to print even the most challenging of label shapes, materials, grades and coatings.

E-Class Mark II printers are offered in 200 dpi (E-450e) or 300 dpi (E-4304e) in warm white or cool grey.

If you’ve used the Datamax-O’Neil E-Class Mark II barcode printers before, let us know how they compared to other barcode printers that you’ve used in the past.

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