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Intermec PM23c Barcode Label Printer

The Intermec PM23c is a mid-range barcode label printer that builds upon the existing technologies of the PM43 and PM43c.

If you’re a fan of the Intermec PM43 or PM43c, then you may also want to check out the PM23c, which builds upon them. This recent addition to the Intermec family is a 2” mid-range industrial printing solution ideal for mission critical markets such as airlines, manufacturing and retail. When maximizing productivity drives results, you can count on the Intermec PM23c.

The Intermec PM23c features:

  • Full color touch-creen
  • 10 languages + universal icon interface
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Industry standard and supported wireless connectivity options
  • Intermec C# Smart Printing language

“According to our research, enterprises actively seek compact printers that deliver the print precision, quality and speed needed for industrial printing jobs, while working seamlessly with other peripheral industrial technologies. Intermec’s new PM23c industrial printer is designed to be a good fit for constrained work spaces in transportation and passenger service applications given its compact body and baggage tag printing capabilities. With the release of this product, Intermec continues to sharpen its focus on delivering an enhanced user experience across diverse markets and application environments,” said Richa Gupta, Senior Analyst, AutoID & Data Capture at VDC Research Group.

Learn more about the Intermec PM23c.

AIDC Predictions for 2013

As we begin 2013, its hard not to look back on 2012 and think what will be different in 2013. VDC Research recently discussed their AutoID predictions for 2013. According to VDC Research, we can expect:

Increased Market Aggregation
We can expect consolidation of barcode hardware to achieve growth across different verticals and regions.

More barcode hardware accessories will be marketd, such as sleds and/or sleeves to make consumer-grade devices friendly for the enterprise.

Mobile Labels
There will be more support for printing barcode labels on-the-go, ideal for field service and direct store deliver (DSD) applications.

Barcodes for Consumers
Barcode scanning by consumers on their mobile devices will continue to increase, as will overall QR code usage.

Mobile POS (mPOS)
More and more B2C businesses will use mobile POS systems, particularly in retail applications.

NFC-enabled phones will become more prominent, but it still won’t become the norm in 2013.

The use of RFID and RTLS in healthcare is on the rise—this will most likely continue in 2013.

Item-level Tagging
Item-level tagging in the apparel industry will increase as a result of already successful implementations from retailers such as Wal-Mart and American Apparel.

Do you agree with these predictions? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.

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Intermec PC23d Direct Thermal Barcode Printer

Today, Intermec announced the launch of their latest barcode printer, the PC23d. This 2” direct thermal desktop printer is ideal for the healthcare industry and designed for the ultimate in user friendliness, featuring:

  • 10-language LCD or iconic user interface
  • One-handed media loading
  • Quick configuration via USB flash drive
  • User-installable connectivity upgrades and accessories for scalability
  • Modular IT-friendly design speeds
  • Remote status update
  • Easily programmable

Learn more about the PC23d, or more about Intermec.

Add Some Color to Your Barcode Labels

While adding color to your barcode labels is always a nice touch, many are concerned with the cost of color. However, in a recent study from Brother, it was found that the cost of color printing is declining. In fact, the two price points of color and mono printing are predicted to meet as early as 2011.

While most companies own black and white label printers, the total cost of ownership of for color printers will eventually meet that of black and white printers, allowing companies to spruce up their labels. Judging by current trends, the price points should meet at approximately mid-2011. However, it is arguable that the two costs may not meet due to added technical complexities in the color printer and supply manufacturing processes.

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Intermec PF8 Desktop Printer

The Intermec PF8 Desktop Printer is compact and easy-to-use, making it ideal for light duty barcode printing and labeling applications in transportation, healthcare, retail and office environments.

The PF8 is available in thermal transfer (PF8t) and direct thermal (PF8d), but both models are designed to simplify deployment and reduce the need for IT support. Specifically, all PF8 models include Intermec PrintSet, a tool that provides easy configuration for printer and network settings, downloading fonts and graphics and upgrading firmware, thus saving set-up and maintenance time. Because of its simplicity, the PF8 is a great solution for those who are relatively new to printing their own barcode labels, or for those who are switching from laser/inkjet printers.

The Intermec PF8 features:

  • Internal Ethernet connectivity option
  • Offers easy migration path for Intermec PC4 and other EPL desktop printers
  • Clamshell design for easy media loading
  • Double-wall case for durability
  • One-inch ribbon core option (PF8t)

Learn more about the Intermec PF8 here.

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