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2D Barcodes Used to Prevent Fake Liquor Sales

The city of Delhi in India recently implemented a 2D barcode system to prevent the illegal sale of fake liquor. The inflow of fake liquor to the city has become a problem, but barcodes are here to help!

The Delhi government recently set up testing stations at various vendors throughout the city. Legal bottles of liquor will have a unique identification number that can be read via a 2D barcode reader.

The 2D barcode system was introduced as part of Delhi’s excise department’s Excise Supply Chain Information Management System (ESCIMS) and will soon make the 2D barcode mandatory.

Distilleries will receive a barcode sequence number before sending a lot. The bottles will then be sent to government warehouses and scanned, then sent to vendors.

By automating and regulating the sale of liquor using 2D barcodes, the Delhi government hopes to prevent fake liquor being sold while also increasing their revenue.

Datalogic Gryphon GM4400 2D Barcode Reader

Datalogic recently launched the Gryphon GM4400 2D barcode reader, a 2D imager that offers omnidirectional barcode reading of 1D and 2D barcodes. Ideal for retail environments, the Gryphon GM4400 boasts easy automatic transition between stand mode and handheld mode, is lightweight, ergonomic and non-flickering deep-red illumination, making it ideal for cashier comfort.

In addition, the Datalogic Gryphon GM4400 features:

    Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™
  • Scalable solutions from simple point-to-point applications to point-to-multipoint installations
  • Advanced batch mode capabilities
  • 60,000 scans-per-charge
  • Datalogic’s Motionix™ motion-sensing technology

Best of all, it easily scans barcodes from cell phones and mobile devices, which are appearing more and more in consumer-based retail settings.

Learn more about Datalogic and their products here.

Starbucks Uses QR Codes for New iPhone App

starbucks qr code appThe new Starbucks Mobile Card App offers consumers convenience by making use of QR codes. In select Starbucks stores throughout the US, consumers can now pay with their iPhone. The 2D barcode, or QR code, is created by consumers and can then be scanned by the barista in order to pay. As of now, this capability is only available in select locations because each store must be upgraded to new barcode scanners capable of scanning 2D barcodes on lcd screens.

In addition to implementing QR codes, the new iPhone app takes advantage of Starbucks gift cards. Users of the app will now be able to constantly keep track of how much money is left on their giftcards. In addition, users can easily reload money onto their gift cards right from their iPhone. As an incentive to use the app, Starbucks is offering a $5 credit to anyone who adds $25 or more to their gift cards from their phone.

If one of the biggest businesses in the US begins to implement QR codes in more of their stores, other retailers will soon follow suite. QR codes are a great way to pay, in addition to use for customer loyalty cards and coupons, straight from your phone! Only time will tell if the success of QR codes in select Starbucks locations will lead to a roll-out of new barcode scanners in all locations, which would finally make QR codes very popular in the States.

The 2D Revolution: 2D Barcodes Change the Way Business is Done

2D Barcode Improve BusinessAt barcode.com, we frequently discuss 2D barcodes and the impact they have on consumers and corporations alike, but 2D barcodes are really creating revolutionary solutions that cater to evolving business needs across almost every market.

2D barcodes have been put to use through the years throughout a variety of production, tracking, and maintenance processes. However, in other markets, 2D barcodes were often avoided because of capability and compatibility issues with legacy barcode processes. With the advent of new scanning technology, 2D barcodes are being used at an astronomical rate across a wide range of industries. In fact, 2D barcodes and barcode applications are being implemented at more than double the rate of standard 1D barcode technology.

This is widely because companies are analyzing how 2D barcodes can meet their growing needs in changing times. 2D barcode symbologies have a high enough capacity to include intelligent data that can be used to drive systems and processes in any environment. While the data stored in typical 1D barcodes can’t be used if it’s not associated with a database, 2D symbologies can encode enough information to drive applications, eliminating the need for database access.

Because of this, 2D barcodes are already being utilized in many field service applications because workers with no remote database access can easily scan a 2D barcode to retrieve all necessary information to complete the job. In addition, 2D barcodes are rapidly being implemented in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Patients wristbands’ are popping up adorned with 2D barcodes by the day, and while the FDA currently requires 1D barcodes on all hospital medications, there seems to be a push to 2D barcodes because they would be able to hold more information on the medication.

Just a few years, these 2D barcode applications would not have been possible, but because of improved area imagers and omni-directional scanning capabilities, 2D barcodes have become a viable solution across many industries. One scanner that is particularly geared for reading 2D barcodes is the Intermec Intellibeam EX25 Area Imager. With this scanner, companies can read stacked 2D barcodes and matrix 2D barcodes, in addition to standard 1D barcodes in any orientation at both a long and short range. Scanners like the Intermec Intellibeam EX25 Area Imager have been able to change the way 2D barcodes are used, maximizing the efficiency of businesses across a variety of markets.

If you’re interested in learning more about what the 2D barcode revolution can do for your business, you can download the white paper, provided by Intermec Technologies, or, contact a representative today!

One Step Closer to a QR-Coded USA Thanks to LG!

LG QR CodeLG recently announced that ScanLife, the QR code application reader from Scanbuy, will be pre-installed on all new LG camera phones.

Scanbuy’s CEO, Jonathan Bulkeley stated, “We are thrilled to announce this agreement with LG. Their support will substantially assist in bringing 2D barcode technology subscribers around the world.”

ScanLife reads all formats of 2D barcodes, including the new Microsoft Tag barcodes. By pre-installing the application, it will hopefully create an awareness of QR codes to the US, bringing Americans to use QR codes in their daily lives.

Currently, the application is already pre-installed on the KF310 in the Spanish market, but will soon be implemented on other LG camera phones throughout the marketplace.

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