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    Asset Tracking

    Real-time visibility into the movement and location of assets is critical to organizational revenue and growth. Learn how automated data capture technologies are improving asset tracking for industries across the board. Technologies include cloud-based software, barcode scanning, RFID, and more.
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    Internet of Things

    Connected devices, shareable data, sensors and real-time action… this is the ecosystem of the “internet of things”, which is looking to transform the landscape of business. Learn how you can optimize your operations by managing your entire device network in the cloud. See what’s on the horizon for IoT and M2M applications.
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    Inventory Control

    99.9%. This is the level of accuracy you should expect in your facility when using automated data capture technologies like barcodes, RFID, and voice-picking. Learn how you can improve your inventory control and use these improvements to cut costs, generate revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

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    Shipping & Receiving

    Did you know that real-time wireless connectivity at the dock door increases the velocity and the accuracy of the receiving function? When you equip packers with barcode scanning capabilities and wireless connectivity to your business systems, quality control is simple, fast, and accurate. Learn more about the impact of mobile technology on packing, shipping, and receiving.
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    Fleet Management

    Creating route plans that optimize and balance both delivery profitability and customer service can be challenging. Good plans must take into consideration more than what can fit into a truck like time windows, open/close time, re-loads and equipment restrictions. Learn how new mobile solutions are making fleet management more efficient, accurate, and connected.
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    Implementing a mobile solution is one thing – measuring it’s impact and success is entirely different. Do you have the right metrics in place to measure true ROI, whether it is worker productivity, business process efficiency, operational cost reduction, or device utilization? Learn how business analytics is being applied to mobile deployments, labor analytics, and more.
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#SupplyChainGeek Roundup


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Datalogic’s New Joya Touch Boasts Impressive Retail Capabilities In A Handheld Package

datalogic joya

Datalogic recently announced its new Joya Touch multi-purpose device, and it’s going to be a real standout. It will enable consumer-facing applications like Queue Busting, Gift Registry, and Self-Shopping to be used on the same device as various operational applications like Inventory Control, Shelf Replenishment, Price Checks, and Mark Downs, to name a few. This brings tremendous functionality to the palm of your hand, and its pistol grip and handheld form factors make it even more adaptable.

In-store localization will be made possible thanks to Bluetooth v4 and Beacon technology. This means the device can connect to printers, headsets, and payment systems with ease. It will take just 2.5 hours to recharge completely, while only 15 minutes of charging can provide 80 minutes of use. It also offers wireless and contact-free charging, which can help keep support costs down.

Interference-free communications will be made possible by dual band support with 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi radio.

A lot of attention went into designing the Joya Touch’s screen, which is made of Gorilla Glass 3 to provide excellent resolution and unmatchable strength. The 4.3-inch touch display hits the sweet spot between portability and readability, and it provides sharp, crisp images.

The device will also support the Datalogic Cloud-ready Shopevolution 7 middleware, which allows users to manage multiple stores at the same time. Shopevolution 7 earned the 2016 POPAI Award for Digital and Technological Innovation in the App category. It can also support various third-party self-shopping platforms.

Datalogic’s proprietary SoftSpot triggering technology is also supported, enabling users to place an onscreen trigger button wherever it’s needed on the screen. A hi-fi speaker, Green Spot good-read feedback, and 2D imaging technology round out the impressive offerings of the Joya Touch.

Learn more.

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Getting Olympic Horses To Rio Requires Impressive Logistics Feats

horse olympics logistics

When people think of the Olympics, it’s normal to focus on the athletes. After all, they are the ones taking center stage – and if everything goes according to plan, the podium. It was easy enough to get the athletes to Brazil for this year’s games; they simply hopped on a flight or two and arrived in Rio. However, it’s the non-human athletes that pose a special logistical challenge few people think about.

More than 300 horses needed to make their way to Rio for the Olympics. On July 29, the first of 12 horse transport flights left Stansted Airport in London for a 12-hour flight to Rio on Emirates SkyCargo, while the last ones departed on August 7. At the Galeao airport in Rio, more than $600 million has been invested in improving infrastructure, including the construction of a ramp to connect the horses with the trucks that bring them to the competition.

Horses Need To Arrive In Peak Fitness
These animals are considered high-value cargo, so each of the Boeing 777 freighters transporting them will carry 11 grooms. Each flight must have at least one vet on board, and the jets have stalls that will give these horses room to move around. In addition, their flights are scheduled to arrive at 11pm to keep unloading congestion a minimum.

The German company that has been in charge of transporting Olympic horses since the Montreal Games in 1976, Peden Bloodstock GmbH, started preparations for the feat more than a year ago.

A total of more than 30 million items will be involved in the games, from condoms to firearms. It is estimated that around 70 percent of the imports will arrive on container ships, with 25 percent arriving by air and the remainder being sent by truck.

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The Datalogic DL-Axist Combines Functionality With Ruggedness

datalogic dl-axist

The DL-Axist is a PDA from Datalogic that is rugged enough to withstand heavy use both indoors and out. It runs on Android and boasts a full-touch screen that measures 5 inches, making it big enough to read comfortably but not so big that it becomes too unwieldy for constant use.

In keeping with the manufacturer’s reputation for staying on top of technology, the device features a touchscreen and scan window made of Gorilla Glass 3, and users can opt for a rubber boot to provide extra protection depending on their needs.

The PDA’s 2D imager can capture data quickly and easily from high-density codes at typical distances. Datalogic has also included its patented technology known as “Green Spot” to provide users with good-read feedback.

Focus On Connectivity
For applications that require image documentation, the PDA’s autofocus camera has a built-in LED flash to make the process easy and accurate. In addition, SoftSpot technology allows users to define a floating soft trigger that can be placed anywhere on the screen and set up to carry out nearly any task. It also accommodates both 3G and 4G cellular for your voice and data communication needs, while Bluetooth 4.0 with BLE for beacons is also included. It also makes use of NFC so you can configure and pair different PDAs as needed.

Some of the accessories available include standard and extended-capacity batteries, chargers, docks, wireless headsets, hand straps, and a stylus.

Broad Range Of Applications

Some of the device’s retail applications include stock management, mobile point-of-sale, and assisted sales. It is also used in the hospitality and entertainment industries for ticket verification and waiting on tables, among other purposes. For transportation and logistics, its applications include field sales and service, route accounting, and direct store delivery.

See the Datalogic DL-Axist in action by watching the video below:

What Does The Public Think Of Drone Delivery?

drone delivery

Ever since drone delivery made its way into the spotlight with the launch of Amazon’s Prime Air in late 2013, the concept has garnered a healthy amount of debate. The retail industry sees a lot of possibilities when it comes to drone delivery, while regulatory agencies are trying to keep the potential problems under control. Perhaps the most important question, however, is what the likely recipients of the majority of these packages think of the idea: the general public.

Surprisingly, 79 percent of people said in a recent poll that they were open to the idea of drone delivery if it meant getting their package in an hour. Nevertheless, 20 percent of people are not comfortable with the idea, with the majority of those who oppose it saying that they were concerned about their package getting damaged or stolen in transit. Worries about technology, cost, privacy and safety were also identified by those who were against drone delivery.

Plenty To Work Out Before Drone Delivery Becomes Reality

Amazon has been working hard to set up specific safety plans that will allay the fears of people who have reservations about such a system. These plans entail a high level of communication between drone pilots during flights and dedicated lanes in the airspace for shorter journeys and longer trips to keep disturbances and the chances of collisions to a minimum.

It looks like there will be plenty of time for the skeptics to get on board, however. Last month, the Federal Aviation Administration issued new guidelines for commercial drones, but they have yet to be made into laws. They also haven’t changed the low-altitude airspace rules governing drones, which means drone delivery service will not be instituted on a wide scale until at least 2019.

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