Barcoding Inc.

May 8th, 2014

CaptureTech Key Management Solution

Barcoding, Inc. is now offering CaptureTech’s Key Management Solution for effectively issuing and collecting keys.

Barcoding, Inc. recently announced the availability of the CaptureTech Key Management Solution. This system uses RFID and barcode technology in order to effectively manage keys, ideal for valets or any organization that issues and collects keys on a regular basis.

The CaptureTech Key Management Solution consists of:

  • KeyCop: A tamper-evident UHF RFID-enabled seal that keys attach to.
  • Key Management Software: Modular software application for easy key data management, including registration of in and outbound keys and inventory. Provides full reporting for easy audit trail
  • KeyConductor: Electronic Key Cabinet that holds 12 key positions. Allows authorized users to log into the system via integrated keypad and display.

“While typical electronic key cabinets provide security, our RFID-enabled key management system adds a new level of accuracy and efficiency to the process. With use cases in a wide range of industries, including facility management, healthcare, government, and transportation, the Key Management Solution provides users with a cost-effective, easy means of tracking and tracing keys and offers the peace of mind that only authorized personnel have access to particular items or areas,” said Maarten Anderson, CEO, CaptureTech.

“The beauty of the Key Management Solution is its flexibility. Every implementation begins with the KeyCop, but from there, we are able to use our systems integration and automated data capture expertise to build a unique solution that meets clients’ needs,” said Jay Steinmetz, CEO, Barcoding.

Learn more about CaptureTech’s Key Management Solution and watch the video below to see it in action!

March 31st, 2014

Healthcare Logistics from Zebra Technologies

With ever-changing regulations, logistics is crucial to the success and efficiency of the healthcare industry. Thankfully, with a line of products and solutions that provide real-time visibility into healthcare organizations’ patients, clinicians and assets, Zebra Technologies is there to help.

Zebra Technologies offers:

  • Mobile Specimen Collection
  • Positive Patient ID
  • Laboratory Samples/ Medication Administration
  • Pharmacy Script Protection
  • Device Management
  • Health System Efficiencies

“Hospitals are under increased pressure to optimize staffing, improve business intelligence, control costs, and achieve higher levels of electronic health record (EHR) implementation. In all of these areas, Zebra provides solutions to help hospitals meet their needs,” said Andy Tippet, healthcare vertical manager, the Americas, for Zebra.

Learn more about how Zebra is bringing technology to the healthcare industry.

March 24th, 2014

Zebra Technologies: Driving Innovation

Zebra Technologies, a long-time partner of Barcoding, Inc., was recently featured in Daily Herald’s Business Ledger for driving innovation.

Zebra was founded in 1969 and now has 50 offices worldwide, with its innovation incubator in Chicago’s Greek Town neighborhood. While headquarters will remain in the suburbs, this entrepreneurial environment focuses on innovation. While most manufacturers who use a separate space within a corporate structure will spin off into a separate company, Zebra wanted to create an innovation hub that could still easily reach out when resources are necessary.

Since the new staff isn’t tied to the pioneering days of Zebra, they have a lot of freedom to think outside the box. We recently discussed Zatar, which began as an idea about four years ago for wanting to give companies a “digital voice.”

Since the usage of cloud computing has increased greatly over the past few years, connecting devices to sensors has also become more appealing and cost effective. Zatar, Zebra’s new cloud-based platform for enterprises that sees your devices and connects them to the Internet, has greatly expanded Zebra’s product offerings and creates a pathway to the future.

Read the full article on how Zebra’s innovation incubator has helped to pave the way for Zatar and other innovations.

March 17th, 2014

Zebra & Zatar

Zebra Technologies is using Zatar, their cloud-based platform, with iBeacon technology, to create a new retail experience

Over the past few years, what was once merely a concept has rapidly expanded into a phenomenon. We’re talking about IoT—the Internet of Things.

Zebra Technologies is aiding in the proliferation of IoT with the expansion of Zatar, their cloud-based platform that supports location services based on iBeacon technology.

Earlier this year, Zebra exhibited how Zatar and iBeacon technology can allow for personalized advertising in retail stores, among other venues.

iBeacon is a new technology from Apple that extends location services by recognizing the presence of iOS and other devices. At NRF, Zebra demonstrated how iBeacon can communicate with Zatar by sharing a consumer’s location with a third-party display application, thus allowing retailers to more effectively target their messaging.

“The Zatar platform provides the capability to integrate iBeacon-based location services and in-store displays to deliver personalized messaging to consumers,” said Phil Gerskovich, senior vice president of New Growth Platforms for Zebra Technologies. “As iBeacon technology becomes more widely deployed, retailers will have an immediate opportunity to transform consumer shopping experiences by integrating location services and display messaging in their stores with minimal investment.”

In addition to custom messaging, retailers could use iBeacon and Zatar to gain insight on the customer’s proximity to products and offer incentives—all in real time.

Learn more about Zebra and Zatar.

March 11th, 2014

Barcoding, Inc. & AeroScout Partner to Create Hybrid RFID Solution

Barcoding, Inc. recently partnered with AeroScout Industrial in order to deliver a hybrid RFID solution that combines both passive and active RFID, creating a unified visibility solution for asset tracking.

The system uses active RFID from AeroScout’s hybrid RFID system, a Wi-Fi based system that uses active RFID tags to transmit signals to standard wireless access points via their own internal power supply. From there, the signals are relayed to AeroScout’s MobileView software application, which determines the asset’s location, condition and status.

Barcoding brings its passive RFID solution to the table, which collects and transmits the same location and status information as active RFID, but relies on readers to pick up their signal and supply power to respond and broadcast data.

Tom O’Boyle, director of RFID, Barcoding, Inc., said, “Our customers do not have to choose one type of RFID solution over the other, or have to depend on disparate asset tracking systems with separate interfaces running into their ERP system. By combining our passive RFID with AeroScout’s active RFID expertise in a hybrid solution, we can deploy an accurate, efficient, and connected data capture system that completely meets our clients’ unique and complex needs.”

Janet Chaffin, president of AeroScout Industrial, said, “Barcoding is one of the few systems integrators in the world that can deploy a hybrid RFID solution. Now, when a customer requires a combined active and passive RFID system, we are able to refer them to Barcoding for an end-to-end solution. Customers no longer need multiple vendors for each piece of the solution. This reduces implementation time and risks, while simultaneously delivering increased value and ROI. We are very pleased to welcome Barcoding, Inc., to our partner network.”

Barcoding and AeroScout will showcase their RFID solutions in booth #3027 at Modex 2014, March 17-20, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

Learn more about Barcoding at Modex and register to win a DeWalt toolkit.