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ID Cards: Big Man on Campus

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.18.57 PMID cards aren’t just used for enterprise businesses, they’re used for campuses everywhere. ID cards can be used to:

  • Create a secure environment
  • Manage real-time access to residence halls
  • Provide mobile payment options at cafeterias, bookstores and other campus businesses.

Zebra Technologies provides these services as a part of their SMART campus solution. In fact, their solution was recently given a gold star by the National Association of Campus Card Users (NACCU).

Did you know:

  • 84% of students do not use cash to purchase food
  • 55% of students use their ID cards to make purchases at the campus bookstore
  • 92% of residence halls built in 2011 used card access to enter the building

Learn more about the Zebra Technologies SMART campus.

Zebra Racing

zebra racingWhile Zebra Racing is an actual sport (who knew?), we’re talking about a different kind of Zebra racing. Zebra Technologies recently partnered with Michael Waltrip Racing, a leading NASCAR training development facility, to deploy a brand new pit crew evaluation system.

The solution uses Zebra’s knowledge of real-time locating systems (RTLS) technology combined with racing expertise from the Michael Waltrip team to create Zebra MotionWorks Motor Sports Solution, a next-generation motor sports statistics, event and visualization platform.

The platform will be used to accurately track the location, speed and direction of the pit crew and support equipment during practice. Real-time location solution (RTLS) tags will be used on cars, uniforms and equipment, all of which relay data in real time to receivers throughout the practice track. From there, data will be processed through a custom application in order to give pit crew workers and managers insight into improving performance.

“The talented engineering staff of Michael Waltrip Racing paired with Zebra’s innovative Location Solutions team will allow us to deploy an application that will help racing teams better evaluate and optimize pit crew performance, changing competitive racing as we know it,” said Jill Stelfox, General Manager of Location Solutions at Zebra.

Since the system was designed specifically for the sports industry, Zebra MotionWorks will allow Michael Waltrip Racing to overlay real-time data on top of existing video footage. This objective performance data will help to accurately visualize and ultimately, improve success.

Learn more about Zebra MotionWorks Sports Solution.

Alban Cat Ultimate Warehouse Makeover

Last summer, our partner BlueStar announced the winner of their inaugural Motorola Solutions’ Ultimate Warehouse Makeover Giveway. Barcoding, Inc. had nominated Alban Cat, a Caterpillar parts distributor in Baltimore, to receive the $50,000 technology makeover, and they were selected!

With their winnings, Alban Cat worked with the Barcoding, Inc. team to use the right technology to achieve their mission — delivering the right parts to the right people at the right time.

The video case study below illustrates how Barcoding was able to utilize rugged mobile computers and WLAN solutions from Motorola Solutions at BlueStar to deliver 95% accuracy on a daily basis.

Save an Average of $875,000 by Improving Workflow Processes

Honeywell recently released a report that reveals how improvements in workflow process could save field service organizations an average of $875,000 annually.

The report polled 260 decision makers from organizations across the globe to discover service processes and gauge areas of improvement. The survey revealed 75 percent of respondents have conducted a process review in the past month—meaning 25 percent have not. And of that 25%, 63% have not conducted a process review in over five years!

The largest opportunities of improvement were daily schedule management and communication, clock-in and clock-out processes, parts lookup, and resolution information and knowledge lookup, planning and forecasting, scheduling, call and appointment management.

“The good news is field service leaders are chomping at the bit to capture savings when simple process changes across the entire field organization can drive these big bottom line results”, said Tim Eusterman, senior director of industry marketing, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility.

Learn more about Honeywell’s report, and view the infographic below for a visual view of the findings!


CaptureTech Key Management Solution

Barcoding, Inc. is now offering CaptureTech’s Key Management Solution for effectively issuing and collecting keys.

Barcoding, Inc. recently announced the availability of the CaptureTech Key Management Solution. This system uses RFID and barcode technology in order to effectively manage keys, ideal for valets or any organization that issues and collects keys on a regular basis.

The CaptureTech Key Management Solution consists of:

  • KeyCop: A tamper-evident UHF RFID-enabled seal that keys attach to.
  • Key Management Software: Modular software application for easy key data management, including registration of in and outbound keys and inventory. Provides full reporting for easy audit trail
  • KeyConductor: Electronic Key Cabinet that holds 12 key positions. Allows authorized users to log into the system via integrated keypad and display.

“While typical electronic key cabinets provide security, our RFID-enabled key management system adds a new level of accuracy and efficiency to the process. With use cases in a wide range of industries, including facility management, healthcare, government, and transportation, the Key Management Solution provides users with a cost-effective, easy means of tracking and tracing keys and offers the peace of mind that only authorized personnel have access to particular items or areas,” said Maarten Anderson, CEO, CaptureTech.

“The beauty of the Key Management Solution is its flexibility. Every implementation begins with the KeyCop, but from there, we are able to use our systems integration and automated data capture expertise to build a unique solution that meets clients’ needs,” said Jay Steinmetz, CEO, Barcoding.

Learn more about CaptureTech’s Key Management Solution and watch the video below to see it in action!

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