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Jade X7 Revolutionizes Grocery and More!

jade x7

Datalogic recently announce that their Jade X7 automated checkout portal is being used exclusively at the Cosmopolitan Marketplace, a new kind of grocery store that recently opened in Chicago.

Rather than using traditional barcode scanners like most grocers, the Jade X7 is an automated checkout solution that allows shoppers to place items onto a quick-moving belt. The items can be facing any way, so there’s no need to find the barcode. The Jade X7 uses vision technology, creating a 360˚ scan of the items and automatically reads and identifies the products. This process, as you can imagine, is much quicker than traditional grocery stores using manual checkout. After items are read by the Jade X7, they can be quickly bagged and the transaction is complete, allowing for a smooth checkout and faster lines.

“We are very excited that the Cosmopolitan Marketplace chose to work with our partner, ECRS, to implement Jade X7 automated scanners in each of their checkout lanes. This store presents shoppers with an experience unlike anything they have previously seen. Jade adds to that experience exemplifying the leading edge of checkout technology,” said Nick Tabet, Vice President, Fixed Retail Business Unit for Datalogic.

Although the Jade system is perfect for grocers, its uses are quickly growing—retailers and third party logistics (3pl’s) companies are starting to deploy Jade systems as part of their item returns process to scan products that have been shipped back, speeding up the returns process.

Learn more about the Jade X7.

Datalogic Falcon X3+

datalogic falcon x3+

If you’re looking for a mobile computer that’s rugged, ergonomic and handles all your real-time data needs, look no farther than the Datalogic Falcon™ X3+.

The Falcon X3+ provides a tailored solution for demanding environments in need of real-time transaction visibility. It’s Laird/Summit IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band WiFi radio allows for fast data throughput. In addition, its new diversity antenna system provides maximum coverage.

The Datalogic Falcon X3+ mobile computer is a unique device featuring a pistol grip or handheld form factor, numeric and alphanumeric keyboards, choice of Microsoft operating systems and a standard or long-range 2D imager, high-performance laser or auto ranging laser for maximum distance on 1D barcode labels.

Datalogic’s patented “Green Spot” technology is included, providing good-read visual confirmation in scanning environments where noise is an issue. In addition, the Falcon X3+ mobile computer also incorporates a camera to verify promotional displays and document damaged or returned goods.

Learn more about the Datalogic Falcon X3+ and what it can do for you.

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Datalogic Launches the DS8110 and DX8210 High Performance Industrial Laser Scanners

datalogic dx8210

Datalogic recently announced the launch of their newest addition to the 8k series of industrial laser barcode scanners—the DS8110 and the DX8210.

The DS8110 laser barcode scanner offers peak performance with an enhanced Depth of Field (DOF) and greater Field of View (FOV) than comparable models, meaning higher reliability, performance and value.

The DX8210 laser barcode scanner offers similar features, but in an X pattern, creating the work of two scanners in a single, efficient, form factor.

“Our customers have demanding applications that require creative and reliable solutions. They have relied on the Datalogic 8000 series laser scanners over the years and we have worked to increase the feature set to meet their constantly changing needs,” said Alberto Bertomeu General Manager Identification Business Unit at Datalogic.

He added, “The new DS8110 and DX8210 continue in the 8000 series tradition of excellence with additional features that bring more value to our integrators and customers.”

Learn more about the latest in barcode scanning from Datalogic.

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Zebra OneCare

zebra onecare

Zebra recently introduced Zebra OneCare, a portfolio of support services and Operational Visibility Service (OVS)—a new managed service that offers a platform for at-a-glance visibility into Zebra mobile device asset performance and operational business performance.

If you’re already using Zebra products, then you know how they help improve your overall operational efficiency and accuracy, lower the cost of doing business and increase productivity. Being able to use these tools is the key to success and maximizing your ROI.

With Zebra OneCare, there’s three different levels of service, suitable for a variety of different business needs.

Zebra OneCare Essential: Foundational service offering, featuring comprehensive coverage, technical support during your local business hours and 3-day turnaround time on repairs.

Zebra OneCare Select: Offers a higher level of care, including shipping replacement devices during repairs, commissioning your mobile computer so you can use it as soon as it arrives, 24×7 technical support help desk. In addition, OneCare Select members get access to Zebra’s Asset Visibility Platform.

Zebra OneCare Premier: The highest possible level of care, allowing members to customize the features they need and when.

With OVS, you can easily gain the visibility you need in order to improve your business.

Learn more about Zebra Services.

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TC55 Touch Computer


It may be tempting to want to use your personal smartphone on the job, but depending on your job, they usually don’t have the durability or functionality necessary.

Meet the TC55, a pocket-sized, touch-screen computer that has integrated data capture capabilities and is built to withstand industrial environments. Essentially, the TC55 has all of the conveniences of a smartphone, with all of the essentials and durability of an enterprise-grade device.

Each TC55 comes equipped with Mobility Extensions (Mx), a platform that enhances Android’s already robust operating system (OS) into an enterprise class OS.

In addition, the TC55 features:

    Zebra’s Mobility DNA
  • Advanced capacitive touch screen
  • Superior audio quality with noise cancelling technology
  • Support for Push-to-Talk
  • Integrated barcode scanner and imager for data capture
  • Standard or professional configuration options to meet your needs

See what the Zebra TC55 can do for you.

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