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RFID in the NFL: FTW!

rfid football

NFL Players Are Given RFID Chips for Real-Time Updates

As with every fall, many Americans turn to thoughts of leaves falling, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, football! But this fall, there’s a new player in town—RFID.

RFID for Football
While Zebra has worked tirelessly through the years to ensure our supply chain data is in real-time, there’s no reason this can’t be applied to football, or really, any sport. Thanks to Zebra Technologies, RFID tracking will be used in football to measure a player’s speed, distance and direction traveled.

How It Works
Two sensors are fitted into the shoulder pads of every football player and emit unique radio frequencies at 15 times per second.

Receivers are mounted between upper and lower decks of the stadium and are able to read signals from all players on the field, pinpointing their position, tracking speed, acceleration and distance traveled—all in real time!

Algorithms are then used to aggregate data and create player stats, displaying on analytics software. From there, data is interpreted by media producers to create sports graphics that we see on our TV’s, smartphones and tablets in real-time.

In addition, viewers at home can see it all come to life in the NFL 2015 app for Xbox One and Windows 10.

See the fact sheet on how Zebra is revolutionizing the NFL.

Zebra MC40 Touch Computer


Looking for a mobile touch computer that can keep up with your enterprise? Look no farther than the Zebra MC40.

The Zebra MC40 offers a sleek design that uses Android OS and offers durability and security. With barcode scanning, push-to-talk and an integrated magnetic stripe reader, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t get the MC40 sooner.

With this feature-rich device, associates can easily help customers without ever having to walk away from them. And associates needn’t worry about dropping their device, because the MC40 is built to last.

In addition the MC40 features:

  • Android fortified for the enterprise
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 8 GB Flash memory
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless LAN support
  • 4.3” touch-only display
  • Comprehensive and secure payment processing
  • Crystal clear voice calls

Learn more about what the MC40 can do for you.

Drone Technology to be Integrated Into Logistics Management Systems

yard management drone

For logistics professionals who are responsible for managing assets in their yard using radios, clip boards and mobile phones, the idea that yard management could be made easier by flying drones could be hard to swallow.

However, advances in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology mean that having a drone flying around a logistics yard, either manually, or autonomously, is not very far off on the horizon.

One of the leaders in this is PINC Solutions, a software company who recently unveiled PINC Air, which is an autonomous real-time location system (RTLS) built into a drone. This provides the capability to capture information about large areas of stored assets, and can be used in service of inventory management.

PINC Air works autonomously by beginning and ending it’s journeys on the same spot automatically, and it is able to recognize and avoid any obstructions in its flight path. The drone is enabled with their RTLS technology, which transmits the video and RTLS data across WIFI networks on the ground.

The company describes it as low cost drones operating as readers, taking tours of the yard and confirming where any assets are and whether they have left the yard.

In addition to this, the technology can be used for tracking assets where heavy manufacturing is taking place, to locate valuable assets that are stored outside of the manufacturing facility. This is especially valuable in laydown locations, which can be spread over acres.

In both cases, the UAV is serving as another set of eyes to shippers who need better visibility into what’s going on in their yards. Giving extra protection over any activities and their equipment that is being stored.

It must be noted that yard management systems don’t necessarily need to be so technical, or even situated in an aerial position to be of use to logistics yard managers.

Other options include the types of systems used in transportation management systems and warehouse management systems, which utilize barcodes, RFID chips and other scan-able objects.

Learn more about yard management solutions.

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Advantech DLoG XMT 5/7 Vehicle Mount Terminal

dlog xmt 5/7 vehicle mount terminal

Finding the right vehicle mount terminal is no easy task—they can often be too large, taking up valuable space and blocking drivers’ views.

Meet the DLoG XMT 5/7 vehicle mount terminal, a compact terminal that’s still packed with all the latest technology. The DLoG XMT 5/7 is ideal for small spaces, such as on a fork lift truck, and can easily be mounted within any driver’s cabin. In addition, the DLoG XMT 5/7 features:

  • WWAN – EDGE 2.5G / GSM Quadband
  • WLAN with integrated diversity antenna
  • GPS
  • CAN – V2.0B, V2.0A
  • Microsoft Windows CE 6.0
  • Durable in deep-freeze use
  • Fanless design
  • Advantech-DLoG certified touch screen design
  • Embedded terminal with modular design
  • Full range of functionality despite the space-saving form factor
  • Individual mounting brackets
  • Lean design
  • Extensive line of accessories: Barcode scanner, card reader, printer, etc.

Learn more about how the DLoG XMT 5/7 vehicle mount terminal can help your warehouse operations.

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Datalogic MX-U

datalogic mx-u

Datalogic recently announced the launch of the MX-U family of vision processors. This new line of vision processors has the speed and flexibility to tackle the most demanding manufacturing and inspection applications.

The new MX-U family of vision processors features:

  • Intel multi-core chipsets
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Easy-to-use GUI

We design our systems to give maximum value, provide flexibility, and to extend where vision technology can be deployed” said Donato Montanari, General Manager Machine Vision Business Unit of Datalogic. “This means delivering more than components, it means offering a family that specifically fits the needs of the market and the tools to make the deployment fast and easy. The new MX-U family of vision processors does exactly that.

The new MX-U family of vision processors is ideal for applications in pharma, food/beverage and electronics industries.

Learn more about the MX-U family of vision processors from Datalogic.

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