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Honeywell PD43 Series Light Industrial Thermal Printers


The Honeywell PD43 and PD43c family of light industrial thermal printers deliver a no-compromise printing performance in a compact and affordable package, making them ideal for tight spaces. The PD43 series is best suited for warehouse and distribution centers and features a color graphic display for easy set-up, configuration and fine-tuning. Best of all, applications can be run from the printer, eliminating any need to connect to a computer.

In addition, the PD43 series features:

  • Small footprint for installation into compact tabletops and pull-out cabinets
  • Rugged metal chassis and print mechanism provide investment protection
  • Intuitive, ten-language color display or icon interface simplifies setup and maintenance
  • Built-In command languages
  • Run apps right inside the printer, control peripherals, and eliminate the need for a connected PC, using either C# for Printers or Fingerprint
  • Completely tool-free printhead and platen roller replacement
  • Broad media compatibility
  • Customizable with a wide range of available accessories

    Learn more about what the Honeywell PD43 series can do for you.

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Always Be Connected


Wired connections can never guarantee 100% uptime—it’s not a matter of when you will lose connectivity, it’s a matter of when. And when it happens, will you be prepared?

Luckily, Cradlepoint offers WWAN failover solutions utilizing 3G/4G/LTE to protect from connectivity loss, lowering risk for your business and ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Since more businesses than ever have been using cloud based enterprise services, uninterrupted connectivity is crucial. These days, businesses need to:

  • Always be connected and protected
  • Mitigate risks such as lost revenue, poor customer experience, brand damage and lost productivity
  • Balance costs and benefits

Cradlepoints WWAN failover for businesses solves all of the aforementioned needs in an easily deployable solution. With Cradlepoint, businesses can ensure their internet connectivity by bridging the gap between wired and wireless WAN failover. WWAN failover features:

  • Main-office availability everywhere
  • Enterprise-class reliability
  • T1 to the next level
  • Constant cloud connectivity

Watch the video below to learn more about Cradlepoint’s WWAN failover solution.

American Apparel Ensures Uptime

american apparel

American Apparel is one of the few companies that does all of its manufacturing in the United States. As respectable as this is, it means that the company must do everything in their power to remain competitive in a market that often outsources to other nations, meaning a much lower operating costs.

In order to remain competitive and keep manufacturing in the U.S., American Apparel can’t afford any downtime. Because of this, American Apparel uses Cradlepoint MBR1200B and MBR1400 series routers for wireless Internet backup. American Apparel is able to create private networks between their headquarters and all of their retail locations throughout the world by using IPsec protocol for VPN to securely connect with their Cisco devices, providing 3G/4G/LTE broadband backup support.

To manage their network of routers, American Apparel uses Cradlepoint’s cloud-enabled management solution, allowing them to centrally deploy, configure and manage all of their devices across all of their retail locations, improving reliability and enhancing network intelligence.

In one Cradlepoint router, American Apparel is able to get wireless backup support, VPN connectivity and WiFi capability at a competitive price with great customer services.

Learn more about what Cradlepoint can do for you.

Wireless 4G Failover: Don’t Let Down Time Get You Down

cloud connectivity

As much as we’d like to be able to control everything in our lives, sometimes, we just can’t. This is especially true when it comes to mother nature. It’s crazy to think about how a change in weather can make or break your business, but it’s true! Unless, of course, you’re prepared! Don’t let weather or other outside forces control your connectivity—invest in wireless 4G failover.

Gartner estimates that an hour of Internet downtime costs enterprise businesses approximately $300,000. In addition to POS system failure, other costs can include:

  • Non-PCI compliance
  • Inoperable Inventory management systems
  • Inability to sync cloud-based applications
  • Damage to brand reputation

Letting your organization fall victim to any of the above due to loss of connectivity is just opening doors for the competition. Being prepared is essential to stay a part of today’s enterprise.

Don’t let your organization be a statistic. Having a business continuity plan in place is imperative for todays competitive enterprise.

Learn more about wireless 4G failover.

Data Connectivity & Building Customer Relationships

mobile shopping experience

Attention of Retailers! If you’ve ever wondered how to use big data analytics to help build better customer relationships, then this article is for you!

In order to build better customer relationships, we must first identify the challenge retailers are facing. Consumers as a group are becoming more and more discerning about factors such as price, level of service and convenience. This is a direct result of the increased access they have to information and advisory services.

Retailers must find solutions in order to meet these demands and retain their customers. The most common approach may involve a loyalty scheme, which rewards customers in a variety of ways for repeat purchases and the amount they spend. When they are implemented most successfully, these schemes are tailored for the individual customer, though there are a large number that depend on impersonal loyalty credits relating to the amount spent.

Technology and big data have made the process of creating loyalty programmed much easier, but companies are facing the fact that generating loyalty is a lot more difficult than ever before. The main factor to note in this is that gaining loyalty depends on much more than just giving discounts and offers. Central to consumers’ considerations about returning to a retailer is the experience—they want to shop conveniently. Retailers need to ensure that the customer finds the shopping experience appropriate to them, and in many cases, this means streamlining the process to make purchasing simple so that it can be done quickly.

Did you know that:

  • 4 out of 5 customers use smartphones to shop
  • 80% of smartphone owners want more mobile-optimized product information in-store
  • 28% of retailers report increased customer loyalty due to in-store WiFi
  • 34% of retailers are planning to updated their store level WiFi technologies during 2015

Analytics of all kinds, including historical, real-time and predictive, provide the capacity for retailers to provide a more personal experience for the customer and to be more connected with them. This year will be the one where retailers will begin using big data and analytics in a big way. This requires them to change their internal processes and attribute the extra budget required to their technology infrastructure.

There are a number of benefits to be had for retailers as a result of this implementation. Shoppers will be able to find the items they want more quickly as their habits are analyzed and they are directed via store maps to the items they want to purchase. They will also be able to see which items customers are looking at, but not buying. This is a completely new ability and will help with their decisions about what to stock in the future.

If you’re looking to build better relationships with your customers, check out the MPact solution from Zebra.

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