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August 28th, 2014

Rugged Tablets Help Police

The City of Brenham, TX, Police Department needed a reliable and fast way for employees to communicate in real-time, regardless of location. Their existing solution involved using mobile data terminals and laptops, which were cumbersome and reduced officer’s vision when driving.

After searching for a solution to their problem, they discovered Motion Computing, who was able to offer a tablet-based solution. While consumer tablets were not rugged or secure enough, Motion was able to create a secure environment for the department’s existing Microsoft platform with their tablets, which are rugged enough to withstand even the hottest of Texas summers.

By using Motion Computing’s mobile technology and rugged tablet PCs, The City of Brenham Police Department was able to achieve significant cost savings and increased productivity levels among first responders.

Watch the video case study below to see the Motion Computing solution in action:

August 27th, 2014

Will the iPhone 6 Include NFC?

With rumors about the Applie iPhone 6 debuting next month, we have to wonder, will this version of the iPhone have NFC? For years, we’ve discussed whether or not Apple will be adding NFC to its devices, each time, only to be disappointed.

Many Android phones have been NFC-enabled for years and adding the technology to the iPhone would have huge implications for contactless payment technology and other NFC-based apps.

NFC is rumored to be included in the iPhone 6, but this isn’t our first rodeo—for four years now, we’ve waited and hoped that NFC will be included in the iPhone. Allowing NFC on iPhones would be a huge gain in marketshare for NFC technology, spawning a slew of innovation for NFC-based apps and the industry as a whole.

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August 25th, 2014

Track Barcoding While Tracking the Ravens

Are you ready for some football? We are at Barcoding! When football season kicks off, so will an exciting relationship with WJZ, Maryland’s News Station – Barcoding is a proud sponsor of WJZ’s Fan Cam, an on-air and online feature allowing fans to sound off about the Baltimore Ravens. Our partners, Motorola Solutions and Zebra, are also getting in on the action as our co-sponsors.

WJZ’s Fan Cam airs every Monday throughout football season during WJZ’s noon, 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. telecasts. The Fan Cam will also air during WJZ’s pre-game show before the Ravens’ big game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 11, as well as during WJZ’s post-game shows on Sept. 28, Oct. 12, Nov.9, and Dec. 27. WJZ will archive all Fan Cam features online within a Barcoding-sponsored section on

If you spot our logo on WJZ this fall, let us know on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #BarcodingSpotted and win a Barcoding coozie. We’re pumped to spend football season with you. Go Ravens!

August 21st, 2014

Operation STAT Follow-up

Earlier this year, we discussed how Barcoding, Inc. provided barcode scanners and software for a mock disaster at Towson University. This annual emergency training simulation event, Operation STAT, provides students with hands-on emergency training in coordinating victim treatment.

The results of this simulation, which involved a fictitious plane crashing into Johnny Unitas Stadium, are in!

In previous years, Towson did not have the ability to measure the success of student performance in treating victims in Operation STAT. It was unclear if victims with more sever “injuries” had to wait just as long as those with minor injuries.

Towson University needed a way to track patient flow throughout the exercise and ensure that everyone was treated correctly in a timely manner. This would document the success and accuracy of Operation STAT, but also set benchmarks and goals for future events.

Barcoding, Inc. worked with Towson’s College of Business and Economics to develop a patient-tracking solution consisting of mobile computers, barcoded wristbands, and custom-built software built on Barcoding’s proprietary development platform, CaptureSoft eXpress.

At the beginning of Operation STAT, victims checked-in and received a card with their affliction along with a correlating barcoded wristband. The wristbands were scanned with Motorola MC7090s, which automatically entered data about the victim and his/her degree of affliction into the software application. The nursing students and victims were not informed of the degree of injury in order to test the staff’s accuracy.

Nursing students determined the type and extent of victim injuries and assign them to a treatment area from red meaning most severe, to yellow, to green. Wristbands were scanned once victims reached their assigned treatment area, and then once again after receiving treatment.

The supply chain management students at Towson were able to successfully capture performance data at each of the tracking areas. From there, they analyzed the collected data to gauge how long victims spent waiting for treatment, the amount of time it took to apply treatment and whether or not students were assigned to the correct treatment area.

By using barcoding technology, not only was the success of Operation STAT able to be measured, but it also provided students hands-on experience in implementing and using barcode technology, which is crucial in today’s healthcare industry.

“Next year we will be able to compare patient flow data to see whether our efficiency improved,” said Tobin Porterfield, program director, supply chain management, Towson University. “Barcoding, Inc., gave our students the opportunity to work with this technology, firsthand, and see how it can apply in the real world. That is something you can’t teach in a classroom.”

Learn more about how Barcoding, Inc. was able to help Towson University with Operation STAT.

View the table below to see the results of Operation STAT.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.29.17 AM

Learn more about how Barcoding, Inc. was able to help Towson University with Operation STAT.

August 19th, 2014

IoT: It’s More Than You Think

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, you may think of it as something for consumer-based items, such as smart accessories, or even refrigerators. However, more and more companies are starting to realize that IoT is useful for the enterprise.

An efficient supply chain is at the heart of every business. Logistics are constantly changing and subject to errors, but with IoT, GPS and RFID technologies can easily provide location and condition information.

For example, a truck carrying temperature-sensitive cargo across the country—the cargo is equipped with temperature sensors and RFID tags that can monitor and ensure a consistent temperature. If the truck happens to stall and can no longer continue to cool the cargo, IoT could communicate the real-time location of the truck and the temperature of the cargo. With IoT, enterprises could gain more visibility and work quickly to remedy the situation, preventing the cargo from spoiling and protecting their bottom line.

Luckily, this IoT solution actually exists—it’s Zatar from Zebra Technologies. Zatar is a cloud-based, remote device management tool that ensures enterprises have real-time visibility into the activity streams of every component within the supply chain. With Zatar, enterprise businesses can easily monitor temperature and location and be able to see anything that goes awry in real-time.

Learn more about IoT and Zatar.