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July 23rd, 2014

Barcodes in the Operating Room

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.28.46 PMWe’ve all heard old urban legends about hospitals amputating the wrong leg, or perhaps even true stories of misdiagnosis due to clerical errors. In recent years, healthcare facilities have adopted the use of barcode labels, enabling staff to quickly, accurately and easily process samples and obtain patient information without worrying about misidentifications.

However, using barcode labels to identify tissues and samples taken during surgery is less common. In order to instantly tag samples immediately after they leave the body, the operating room would need to be equipped with labeling devices that could be safely sterilized numerous times throughout the day.

Luckily, Zebra healthcare printers can stand up to 45 of the most commonly used hospital cleaning agents. In addition to the need for sterilization, a power supply would be needed. Medical grade power supplies offer increased patient safety, which Zebra healthcare printers comply with.

Using Zebra healthcare printers ensures proper power supply and sterilization safety, allowing doctors and nurses to print barcode labels straight from the operation table, increasing efficiency and patient safety flow.

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July 21st, 2014

Could Mobile Payment Save QR Codes?

qr code mobile paymentDespite the fact that Masahiro Hara, the inventor of the QR code, predicted that the technology only has 10 years left to live, a recent report from Nielsen made a shocking discovery regarding mobile payments—people like using QR codes.

The study, released very shortly after Hara’s prediction, found that consumers who use mobile payment actually prefer using QR codes to barcodes. In fact, 45 percent of the nearly 4,000 consumers surveyed said they currently use QR codes to check out with their smartphones.

While mobile payments aren’t new, they have been gaining popularity in recent years. In fact, forty percent of those surveyed said that they use mobile apps of their primary method of payment.

So, will QR codes be able to save mobile payments? Personally, I think a lot is riding on whether or not Apple will include NFC in their next version of the iPhone.

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July 16th, 2014

Zebra Racing

zebra racingWhile Zebra Racing is an actual sport (who knew?), we’re talking about a different kind of Zebra racing. Zebra Technologies recently partnered with Michael Waltrip Racing, a leading NASCAR training development facility, to deploy a brand new pit crew evaluation system.

The solution uses Zebra’s knowledge of real-time locating systems (RTLS) technology combined with racing expertise from the Michael Waltrip team to create Zebra MotionWorks Motor Sports Solution, a next-generation motor sports statistics, event and visualization platform.

The platform will be used to accurately track the location, speed and direction of the pit crew and support equipment during practice. Real-time location solution (RTLS) tags will be used on cars, uniforms and equipment, all of which relay data in real time to receivers throughout the practice track. From there, data will be processed through a custom application in order to give pit crew workers and managers insight into improving performance.

“The talented engineering staff of Michael Waltrip Racing paired with Zebra’s innovative Location Solutions team will allow us to deploy an application that will help racing teams better evaluate and optimize pit crew performance, changing competitive racing as we know it,” said Jill Stelfox, General Manager of Location Solutions at Zebra.

Since the system was designed specifically for the sports industry, Zebra MotionWorks will allow Michael Waltrip Racing to overlay real-time data on top of existing video footage. This objective performance data will help to accurately visualize and ultimately, improve success.

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July 15th, 2014

Executive Forum 4: Be Efficient- Accurate- Connected™

innovator_youBarcoding, Inc. recently announced its Executive Forum 4: Be Efficient- Accurate- Connected™, a one-day event that connects supply chain leaders who share insights and best practices on succeeding with mobile technology in the enterprise.

This year’s fourth annual forum will be held on Thursday, Oct. 9 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

The forum will consist of talks from supply chain experts, a “Solutions Showcase” displaying the latest mobile tablets, computers and printers, a panel discussion, a live RFID demonstration, and a networking breakfast, coffee and lunch. Topics to be discussed include asset tracking, mobility in the field, warehouse optimization, RFID deployment, routing/transportation efficiencies and the Internet of Things in relation to the supply chain.

“The mobile technology industry is evolving each day, so it is important for supply chain leaders to stay ahead of the curve to maximize the value such technology brings to the enterprise. Barcoding’s fourth annual Executive Forum will provide supply chain professionals with the opportunity to discuss proven tactics and lessons learned in improving operations with mobile technology. We are looking forward to hosting what we hope to be our most successful event yet,” said Shane Snyder, president, Barcoding, Inc.

Although this is the 4th annual Executive Forum, Barcoding will be presenting its inaugural Innovator of the Year award. The award will honor a person or business who has implemented a mobile or automated data capture solution that has improved efficiency, accuracy and connectivity. Prior to the Executive Forum, five finalists will be chosen, and the lucky winner will be announced during the awards luncheon.

Complimentary tickets for the Executive Forum 4 are available fo Barcoding customers, but other discounts may apply. For more information and registration, visit:

July 11th, 2014

Inbound Logistics Releases List of 75 Green Supply Chain Partners

Going green is more than just a personal choice these days, it’s often a large part of enterprise business decisions. Doing business with sustainable transportation and logistics providers is key to becoming a green business.

Luckily, Inbound Logistics recently published their G75 list, a list detailing 75 Green Supply Chain Partners. Each of the companies that made the list showed a commitment to sustainable supply chain, logistics and transportation practices. The companies were chosen with the following factors taken into consideration:

  • Commitment to sustainability initiatives
  • Collaborative customer-driven projects
  • Participation in public-private partnerships
  • Measurable green results
  • Sustainability innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Industry recognition

View the full list of companies who made the G75 list by integrating sustainability into their enterprises.